Ag Leader

The products from Ag Leader are built to improve your profitability by increasing yields and reducing costs. Precision Ag Solutions is proud to offer their lines of displays, application, guidance and steering solutions that will help you enhance your operation’s productivity.

Ag Leader SMS

SMS | Ag Leader

Ag Leader’s SMS Software is deigned to help you answer questions and improve your profitability by capturing the greatest potential from every acre.

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SeedCommand | Ag Leader

SeedCommand provides complete control over planting operations by monitoring seed placement and controlling population rate and planter downforce.

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SureDrive | Ag Leader

SureDrive is an electronic drive unit that can be installed on John Deere, Kinze, and other planter row units to provide maximum efficiency in seed placement.

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Ag Leader OptRx

OptRx | Ag Leader

The OptRx crop sensor system measures and records crop health, allowing you to gauge the impact of nutrients, water, disease and other growing conditions.

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SteadySteer | Ag Leader

The SteadySteer system is a low cost way to add assisted steering to tractors, combines, sprayers and more, without hooking into hydraulics. Plus quick installation.

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Ag Leader Intellislope

Intellislope | Ag Leader

The Intellislope pairs with Ag Leader’s Integra display and uses GNSS rather than laser surveying equipment. With it you can survey, plan and install.

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GPS 7500 | Ag Leader

The GPS 6500 provides several position-accuracy choices to meet the demands of a growing operation, from sub-meter to sub-inch accuracy.

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DirectCommand | Ag Leader

DirectCommand offers complete control over liquid or granular applications, while logging data and providing real-time application mapping capabilities.

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Ag Leader Compass Display

Compass Display | Ag Leader

A simple and affordable precision farming display that provides guidance, full-screen mapping and virtual terminal capabilities. A great entry-level option.

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AgFiniti | Ag Leader

Ag Leader’s AgFiniti service allows you to transfer field data wirelessly from your cab to a secure online account for easy access in the future.

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