GPS 7500 Ag Leader

Ag Leader’s GPS 7500 receiver is as ready to work as you are! This compact unit allows for fixed or magnetic mounting as well as fast startup and reacquisition times. While the GPS 7500 comes standard with WAAS/EGNOS, you can upgrade to the TerraStar-L or TerraStar-C correction signal as your budget and needs allow, with no additional special equipment. Then, when only the best accuracy will do, you can configure the GPS 7500 to operate by RTK. The modular design of the GPS 7500 “Relay” means that the antenna plugs in to the radio/cellular Relay, so that you now have a rover unit for your vehicle!

The GPS 7500 “Relay” is available in 900/400 MHz radio models (Freewave/Satel, respectively) and as CDMA/GSM cellular models for NTRIP connectivity.

Features for the GPS 7500 include:

  • Simulated radar speed output
  • Position output up to 20 Hz
  • Output of NMEA position data to other equipment
  • GLIDE technology provides improved accuracy without the need for a subscription to a differential signal
  • WAAS/EGNOS, TerraStar-L/C subscription, and RTK supported
  • StableLoc function keeps you driving in spite of temporary correction-signal outage
  • GLONASS reception available without an extra unlock

What others are saying about this product.

I'd say the benefits of automatic guidance involve a lot more than just accuracy. For me, the repeatability is probably the biggest factor. It's the fact that I can do something once and come back with another stage of the process and either do it the exact way or adjust it accordingly.
– Matt Insko, Oregon