Intellislope Ag Leader

Ag Leader Intellislope

In the last few years, drainage tile has been a popular topic. The benefits to installing drainage tile include more uniform crop stands, overall increased productivity when working the surface, improved soil productivity, and more. ┬áThe point that is often understood, yet unspoken, is that to enjoy these benefits, the drainage tile has to be installed effectively—and drainage tile is not typically cheap enough to reinstall if not done properly the first time.

The Intellislope feature works with Ag Leader’s Integra and InCommand 1200 display to automatically control tile-plow depth for field drainage. The productivity is unmatched with the ability to eliminate manually calculating the grade to install the tile. The AutoTile mode allows for surveying the path and planning the installation before any tile is installed for best results.

Additional Intellislope benefits include:

  • Unmatched productivity
  • Easy installation
  • Stress-free planning and record keeping
  • Seamless integration

What others are saying about this product.

With the ability to survey ahead of time with the Intellislope, the tiling process is more efficient. We can tile so much more and do a better job of installing with the Intellislope. It has been one of the better purchases we have made in some time.
– Steve Berger, Iowa

Functions Served:

Water Management