DirectCommand Ag Leader

Ag Leader’s DirectCommand is arguably the standard-bearer in the industry for product application. Simple to install, configure, and calibrate, DirectCommand will improve your operation by dispensing the product when and where it is needed. DirectCommand offers complete control over liquid or granular applications, while at the same time logging data and providing real-time application-mapping capabilities.

What Can You Do With DirectCommand?

  • Apply liquid starter fertilizer and/or fungicide while planting your row crops
  • Control your air seeder to dispense bulk seed and supplemental fertilizer
  • Operate sections independently on your self-propelled or pull-behind sprayer
  • Dispense N fertilizer where it is needed (with OptRx sensors targeting the required rates)
  • Use your strip tiller in the fall to get a jump on next season’s fertility needs
  • Select application rates manually, or apply according to a prescription shapefile
  • Document what has been applied where

Functions Served:

Spraying & Application