SureStop Meter Clutch Ag Leader

Ag Leader SureStop Clutch

The SureStop electric row clutch for row-crop planters (John Deere, Kinze, CaseIH, and White) provides growers with a low maintenance, user-friendly solution to reduce seed costs and increase yield potential.

Ag Leader’s SeedCommand system communicates with SureStop clutches to turn planter sections on/off based on field maps and already-planted areas—but, because each clutch operates by 12-volt power as “engaged” or “disengaged,” third-party controllers can be used as well. When power is supplied, the clutch “engages”¬†and stops seed flow by temporarily stopping¬†the seed meter, eliminating double-planted areas as well as the need to fully raise/lower the planter at end rows. This means that, without a power source, the clutch is “disengaged” by default, so that the meter keeps planting even if a power wire gets crimped or cut.

Functions Served: