InCommand 1200 Display Ag Leader

There’s a new guy in town, and he’s ready to work! The InCommand 1200 display is a powerful, full-featured precision farming tool. Its large, full-color 12.1″ HD touchscreen is easy to read and offers year-round precision farming control. The display’s integrated lightbar allows you to stretch working hours and navigate your field even in darkness. The InCommand 1200 supports multiple guidance patterns and signals – including RTK.

Load crop variety maps, planter downforce maps, or application maps into the Ag Leader InCommand 1200 display (regardless of the monitor used to record the information), then view harvest results in real time via a “split-screen” view. This gives you insights on:

  • Variety performance
  • Field/soil variability
  • Potential field issues like drainage or infestation
  • Chemical application impact

Apply liquid or dry product with variable-rate prescription maps, utilize AutoSwath automatic shut off, monitor real-time crop health, steer your farm equipment, even control third-party planters and applicators via ISOBUS–the InCommand 1200 can do it all!

There are at least six ways the InCommand 1200 can help generate more profit:

  • Planter Control
  •  Application Control
  • Yield Monitoring
  •  Completely Integrated Guidance/Steering
  •  Tablet-type Touch Screen
  •  ISOBUS Functionality