360 Yield Center

360 Yield Center allows you to reach beyond your yield goals and capture the yield potential for your unique field and the environment. SENSE. DECIDE. APPLY

360 Bandit | 360 Yield Center

If you have been growing corn for the past few years, then you’ve heard about research regarding nutrient placement and application timing to optimize plant growth. One of the more popular products to be developed for that concept is the 360 Y-Drop system, from 360 Yield Center (that page is over here). Building on that […]

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360 UnderCover | 360 Yield Center

Take advantage of the ability to apply liquid to your crop after it has canopied.    Imagine if you could apply fungicide, insecticides, and nutrition to the plant when and where it needs to be delivered. The 360 UnderCover attaches to existing sprayers on the market today and provides another way to fully utilize the […]

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360 SoilSCAN | 360 Yield Center

Imagine the ability to have in-field nitrate results within 5 minutes.  No longer needing to send samples off to a lab which can take weeks.  Comes in a portable and rugged case that works well in trucks or ATVs. Additional sensors for Ammonium and Potassium coming soon.

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