SureVac Meter Clutch Ag Leader

Ag Leader SureVac Shutoff

Do you have a planter with John Deere or Precision Planting eSet planting meters? Want to reduce your seed costs and help your yields on those pesky angled point rows? If you do, this is going to be the easiest shutoff-clutch installation … remove the black plastic meter-housing lid, put the SureVac on in its place—done. You now have individual-row-shutoff that can be triggered with a 12-volt power source.

A retractable electric solenoid is connected to a friction pad on the inside of the lid. When power is supplied, the friction pad contacts the seed-meter disc and interrupts the vacuum pressure at the top of the disc, thereby releasing the seed back in to the reservoir instead of the seed tube. When power is removed, the friction pad retracts from the seed disc, and full vacuum is restored. This is important to know, because if there is an electrical fault, then the meter defaults to “always planting,” so that you can always be planting, too.

SureVacs require the SeedCommand planter application with the Ag Leader display to operate. However, because each SureVac has only two wires, third-party controllers can also control the SureVacs.

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