SureDrive Ag Leader

Many of you have been requesting it for several seasons, and Ag Leader has delivered in a big way! Ag Leader’s SureDrive technology delivers individual row control for your planting populations. Each row unit gets a sealed, forever-lubricated electronic motor that “drives” the meter. This means no more ground-drive chains, no more hex shafts, and no more clutches! Also, while there are OEM and other aftermarket companies offering similar concepts, you have to use their meters; Ag Leader’s color-blind approach allows you to upgradeĀ most John Deere, CaseIH, Kinze, and White planters—even finger meters!

By using Ag Leader’s InCommand 1200 display and SeedCommand functionality, you can assign a fixed or variable planting rate for your situation. Turn-compensation technology provides accurate seed release in the curves, and with Autoswath functionality, the SureDrive unit will stop the meter when the planter entersĀ an already-applied area.

What others are saying about this product.

I have finger pickup meters, and they ran on the test stand in 2014 right before I planted the crop that year. They have not been run on the test stand since, so the increase in singulation of my planter is purely from eliminating the drive mechanisms and converting to SureDrive. A 2% to 3% increase in singulation was very common, and 98% to 99% singulation covered most of the seed I planted this past spring.
– Adam, a limited release participant in Iowa

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