TrueTracker Implement Steering System Trimble

TrueTracker Implement Steering System

Where is your implement? Is it worth asking the question? Yes—if you have to plant on top of banded fertilizer, subsurface drip-tape, raised beds, or any other environment that demands the utmost in crop placement. The Trimble TrueTracker system keeps implements on a repeatable path, even on extremely sloped fields and variable soils. This is the system to have for the ultimate row-crop placement experience!

Used in conjunction with the FmX Integraded Display or the TMX-2050, TrueTracker is basically AutoPilot for your implement. The implement gets its own GNSS receiver and T3 terrain-compensation technology. The display communicates guidance data to the TrueTracker system, instantly adjusting implements such as tillage tools, strip tillers, drills, planters, or cultivators to follow directly in the path of the tractor. TrueTracker is compatible with several manufacturers of implement-steering options, including Orthman.

NOTE: TrueTracker does not provide the hydraulic components required to control the implement. Also, TrueTracker is an example of active implement steering; for a more cost-effective option, check out the TrueGuide page.