TMX-2050 Display Trimble

Running on the Android operating system, the Trimble TMX-2050 display lets you work even smarter.  You can take control of your entire operation with the clarity, certainty, and connectivity you need.

The TMX-2050 Display with the FmX-Plus app

The TMX-2050 Display with the FmX-Plus app

With the TMX-2050, you can choose two different configurations, depending on your operation. The Precision-IQ app provides for all the Trimble guidance and steering performance that you have come to trust over the years, as well as status and functionality for ISOBUS-enabled implements. The FmX-Plus app brings the function and familiarity of the FmX Integrated Display to a faster processor, greater memory capacity, and a touchscreen that is as sensitive as your smartphone. Distinct new field applications that are available to the TMX-2050 include boom-height control and NextSwath (optimizes and automates the U-turn from one path to the next).

The TMX-2050 display also provides instant access to the Connected Farm dashboard – a central location to view the information that impacts you, such as weather forecasts and rainfall, commodity prices, and fleet management information.

When you update to the TMX-2050, you can continue to use the cabling harnesses that you already have!