WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution Trimble

Trimble’s WM-Drain program allows you to design and install the drainage options that are right for your land. Utilizing RTK accuracy on the FmX or the FmX+ app (the FmX program installed on the TMX-2050 display), the process is simple:

  1. Survey the path where the surface ditch or drain tile is to be placed;
  2. Design the trench with the desired amount of slope and depth;
  3. Install the trench by having the display control your hydraulic ditcher or tile plow!

Because some tile plows are designed to lower and pitch the cutting boot at the same time, Trimble offers an upgrade for height+pitch control. Also, for more complex tile-pattern designs, you can utilize desktop water-management software to analyze topographic data collected with the display, design a comprehensive ditching or tiling solution for your acres, and then send the finished product to the display, ready to install!

Benefits of Proper Soil Drainage:

  • Improve crop yields by controlling ponding
  • Optimize plant root depth
  • Maximize planting seasons
  • Minimize nutrient loss

Functions Served:

Water Management