vDrive Precision Planting

Precision Planting vDrive

Precision Planting vDrive is the best way to control your meter system for your planter today. It eliminates the need for hydraulic motors to run hex shafts along with row clutches and everything in between. Plant correct populations and keep equal spacing around curves and turns.

The 12 volt electric motor attaches to a vSet meter providing the population and clutch control on each individual row. The Precision Planting vDrive motor works on any planter the vSet meter will fit. Today current planters include John Deere, CIH, and Kinze 1.6 Bu boxes and mini hoppers.

The Precision Planting vDrive system requires 1.25 Amps per row at 12 Volts. If paired with DeltaForce both systems require 2.25 Amps per row. Depending on planter size power can be sourced from the tractor directly or from an alternator on the planter.

Four ways the 20/20 vDrive system can help every planter:

  • Works with current vDrive meters by simply bolting onto the meter.
  • Eliminates need for Hydraulic motors, hex shaft, chains, and clutches
  • Each row is independent so variable rate planting is now by row and not by planter
  • Save costs from simplifying the setup and increase yield potential by using the proven vSet meter


Functions Served: