vApplyHD Precision Planting

If you apply starter fertilizer during planting, or sidedress a nitrogen product during the season, then you know that most traditional liquid-application systems do not provide for even distribution across the length of the toolbar. Some systems use orifices, increased hose lengths, or other flow obstructions to help even out the average output, but did you know that even these systems can have at least a 15-percent row variation, or worse? And that’s not a phenomenon you’d be able to measure using floating balls alone. Some crop rows starve, while other rows are over-applied, and yield can suffer.

Supplement your Precision Planting 20/20 control system with the vApplyHD liquid-application system. The vApply Base kit includes a module to operate and monitor your existing pump, while the vApplyHD modules are installed downstream. Think of the vApplyHD modules doing for liquid, what the vSet meters combined with vDrive electric motors do for seed. Now your seed and your fertilizer can be controlled for swaths, curves, speed changes, and prescription-rate changes on a per-row basis. This is done by built-in flowmeters and an electric motor adjusting a ball valve for flow control. The 20/20 display alerts you to blockages faster than floating balls can, as well.

If you want to incorporate this system into phases, then that is doable, too. So long as you can maintain the recommended pressures, each vApplyHD module can adjust between 0.05 and 3.0 gallons per minute (or about 3 to 60 gallons per acre on 30-inch rows). One module can be used to “section” several rows together.

Functions Served:

Spraying & Application