Smart Pan System Bushel Plus

It’s time to harvest that crop you’ve been taking care of for months. For what it cost to produce, you need to grab every kernel, bean, or seed that you can. But do you know exactly what you are losing?

This is where the amazingly simple Bushel Plus system shines. Mount the magnetic-based carrier unit with a drop pan on your combine’s rear axle, header or feeder house. When ready to measure losses, drop the pan remotely, and it will safely and precisely collect a sample of your combine’s losses. Use the air separator to clean the chaff from the grain sample in a few seconds, and then weigh the sample with the provided digital scale. Finally, use the Bushel Plus app to calculate how many bushels-per-acre (and dollars) you’re losing. Now you are ready to calibrate your combine—re-mount the sampling pan, and drop it again to check your loss! Save tens of thousands of dollars!

Magnetic carrier and grain-sampling pan from Bushel Plus







There are several kits to choose from, based on the length of the sampling tray. The 40-inch kit is the most versatile for a range of crop types, but some situations (plant spacing, presence of stubble, etc.) may benefit from the 20-inch or 60-inch kits. Use the app to make notes of your machine settings, crop conditions, and any information that helps you find that ‘sweet spot’ for minimal grain loss.

Check out their video below (link to YouTube), our “unboxing” video, or go to the Bushel Plus website for more details.

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