mSet Precision Planting

Are the soils in your fields nice and uniform? Same soil type, same organic matter content, consistent in every way? No? Well, that type of uniformity doesn’t happen around here, either. Even a 40-acre tract can have a dozen different soil types that have their own inherent nutritional qualities depending on the crop, the topography, the weather, tillage practices, and so on. Crop genetics can work with a lot of this variability; can you say the same about your planter?

Precision Planting’s mSet system allows for being able to plant two crop varieties on-the-go. Essentially you install the dual-variety hopper onto the vSet meter, and a seed-selector mechanism dispenses the necessary variety into the meter. The seed selector changes according to what variety is called for. Now you have the ability to plant the right seed in the right place, and that will allow you to squeeze out a bit more profit from those variable fields.


Functions Served: