GFX Display Series Trimble

Trimble’s GFX series of displays utilize the same Precision-IQ app on an Android operating system. All displays feature integrated wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced processor/memory capacity, minimal cabling layout, and compatibility with existing steering/monitoring/application components. Feature unlocks for the display include processing prescriptions, ISOBUS UT/TC functionality, Field-IQ operation, and auto asset detection. (Auto asset detection will observe what implement is nearby, and the associated implement profile will automatically load.)

Choose from three different screen sizes to suit your needs—the GFX-350 (7-inch), the GFX-1060 (10-inch), or the GFX-1260 (12.1-inch).

Regardless of which display size you choose, you MUST also include either a NAV-500 or NAV-900 GNSS controller. Find out more about each controller by clicking its name.

(EDIT: The GFX-750 display is retired as of 2022. The GFX-1060 is the same size, it uses the same cabling (as do the other GFX displays), and the processor and memory capacity is increased.)