FieldView Precision Planting

Precision Planting FieldView

FieldView is an iPad app that works with the 20/20 display (any version) to make a real-time picture of the data being gathered during planting. Also, while the 20/20 display provides average values at a glance, you can easily glance planter conditions on a per-row basis with the app, allowing you to quickly detect changing quality conditions.

Five advantages that the FieldView app can provide:

  • Graphical representation to quickly and easily identify planting issues
  • Data is stored on both 20/20 display and FieldView app (data redundancy)
  • Built in GPS on iPad allows for easy field scouting during growing season
  • Use your iPad to submit planter diagnostic data to Precision Planting Tech Support
  • Data can be processed quickly to provide planting reports for insurance


What iPad versions work with FieldView? 

iPad 2’s and newer versions work with the FieldView application. It is recommended, but not required, to have cellular-data capability instead of WiFi only. For one, this allows your data to update to the cloud while planting (feature of FieldView Plus). Secondly, a GPS location is required for field scouting, and that is not (easily) available on a non-cellular-enabled iPad.

Does FieldView replace the 20/20 monitor in the cab?

No, the FieldView app and module work in collaboration with the 20/20. Data is processed in the FieldView module, but at this time, setup and control of the 20/20 technologies (vDrive, DeltaForce, etc.) is still performed in the display. The iPad can be used to import general vehicle measurements, client/farm/field lists, seed hybrids/varieties, and variable rate prescriptions to the 20/20 display.

Do I need the iPad in the cab while planting to get all of the information?

No, you can download all of the planting data at a later time. The only drawback is if there is an issue with the planter, it might be too late to resolve.