FieldLevel II System Trimble

Trimble FiledLevel II System

Want to level off some ground for a new shop? Need to re-surface the feedlot after a few months (or years)? What about re-sculpting those raised beds? Add the Field Level II application to your FmX or FmX+ app (the FmX program installed on the TMX-2050 display), hook up your hydraulic scraper, and get some of those other chores done!

Using Field Level II is a three-step process:

  1. Survey the area to be modified by letting the FmX/FmX+ collect topographic data as you drive,
  2. Design a cut/fill model set to the slope and direction that you want (or make a model that makes cut = fill for minimal waste/effort),
  3. Install by pressing the Auto-Engage button on the screen, and the display controls the blade lift!

Field Level II works by using an RTK-level GNSS antenna/receiver mounted above the blade. This is one of the reasons why there are two GNSS receivers for the FmX/TMX-2050—use one for your tractor’s position, and the other for your single-scraper blade height. For dual scrapers (adjust for height and roll), put an antenna on each end of the blade. For tandem scrapers (two separate blades on one implement), put an antenna on each blade.

You can also transfer topographic data from the display over to desktop water-management software to create a more complex leveling model. When it’s ready, transfer it back to the display, and get to work!

Functions Served:

Water Management