DeltaForce Precision Planting

Precision Planting Delta Force

Precision Planting DeltaForce is the most advanced downforce system for your planter today. It allows for individual-row weight control. The DeltaForce system can respond to changing soil conditions in a fraction of a second, thanks to being able to process weight data from every row 200 times per second and to operate through a hydraulic interface.

The dual-action cylinder, mounted on every row, replaces the air bags or springs commonly found on any John Deere, Kinze, or CIH planter. Each row unit lifts or lowers, depending on the immediate conditions and the target weight. What is the ideal target weight? There needs to be enough weight present to be able to create a seed furrow at the proper depth—then add a bit more weight to ensure that the row unit rides smoothly, but not so much weight that the gauge wheels are overly compacting the furrow walls. Needless to say, when your field has multiple soil types and textures, and you plant at different speeds through dry and wet spots, this value becomes a “moving” target. Each DeltaForce row adjusts to maintain that target.

The DeltaForce system requires ~4 gpm or less of hydraulic oil to operate, and each row uses 1 amp of power. Larger planters with more accessories may require a supplemental alternator, hydraulic pump, or both.


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