GreenSeeker Trimble

Odds are, you’ve read about NDVI. Broadly speaking, it is a value that represents, at a glance, how healthy your crop is. If you have good eyesight, you may be able to see slight color variations in the canopy in problem spots—that is a similar, albeit subjective, way of determining crop health. But here’s the thing … by the time you see that color variation with your naked eye, you have likely lost yield potential that you cannot recoup, no matter how much fertilizer you apply. By utilizing sensor technology to determine NDVI, even the slightest health variations are detected, objectively.

When you have an objective picture of your crop’s health, you can generate that information into a plan of action for how to improve or maintain best health. Perhaps that plan of action involves applying sidedress nitrogen, to keep juvenile growth on track—so, you would then drive your applicator through the field, applying a given amount of N to the area based on the NDVI readings. Now, imagine doing all that in one pass over the field, at application speed. The GreenSeeker system measures NDVI values as you travel, converts those values to a required chemical application rate, and directs your application system to release the fertilizer almost instantly.

  • Uses optical sensors to determine current plant health
  • Corresponds instantaneous crop health with chemical input
  • Compatible with the FmX integrated display and Field-IQ application system
  • Sensors mount on spray boom/applicator bar, about 24″ above the crop canopy
  • Chemical application rates can be sent to most 3rd-party serial-rate controllers

With the GreenSeeker system and the 360 YDrop System from 360 Yield Center, set up your sprayer to apply N right!

Functions Served:

Spraying & Application