GFX-750 Display and NAV-900 Controller Trimble

Following the success of the TMX-2050, Trimble has released the GFX-750 display. This display unit is ideal for a mid-level user, with its 10-inch multi-touch touchscreen, simplified cabling options, ISOBUS implement functionality, camera support, and the Android operating system that features the Precision-IQ app, like its big brother! However, there are a few new tricks that this young’un has that the TMX-2050 does not have, such as built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a more streamlined version of the Precision-IQ app, and connectivity with the NAV-900.

At first glance, the NAV-900 would appear to be a GNSS antenna for the GFX-750, since it resides on the vehicle roof like any other globe. And yes, this is where GPS, GLONASS, and other positioning signals are processed into real-time coordinates for guidance and product application. But, the NAV-900 also serves as a steering controller! If you have a CAN-based OEM steering system on your vehicle, or if your vehicle has the AutoPilot Electric Motor Drive (APEMD), you no longer require the NavController II/III to interface with the system. However, if your vehicle requires a Trimble steering valve, then the NC II/III would still be needed for proper functionality.

The GFX-750 allows for two materials (liquid or granular) to be controlled via ISOBUS functionality, or up to 4 materials via Trimble Field-IQ hardware. EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot, and EZ-Pilot Pro are supported (with the NAV-900 controller).

Positioning services available with the GFX-750 and NAV-900 include Rangepoint RTX, Omnistar, CenterPoint RTX, CenterPoint RTK, and CenterPoint VRS. Accuracy unlocks may be required depending on the level of performance desired (intermediate or high). Feature unlocks for the display include processing prescriptions, task controller functionality, multi-product ISOBUS tracking, and an on-board NTRIP client (for VRS). Feature unlocks for the NAV-900 include CAN Autopilot steering, APEMD steering, and Nextswath functionality.