Field-IQ System Trimble

Trimble Field IQ

Seed and chemical costs do not appear to be coming down fast enough. Putting the proper amount of product in, right where it needs to be, is more important than ever. With a GNSS position and some good measurements, Trimble’s Field-IQ system can help you apply it right the first time, minimizing seed and chemical waste.

For the planter, use Field-IQ with your Trimble display to control row clutches, starter-fertilizer rates, and seed populations through hydraulic drives. On the sprayer, Field-IQ controls the application rate and tells the boom sections when to open. Have an air cart or strip-till rig? Field-IQ can monitor or control your application rates for each bin, as well as monitor the bin level, fan speed, and other factors.

Field-IQ comes with a switchbox for mounting in the cab, a module that offers rate/section or rate+section control, and harnesses to tie in to existing components. While some wiring may be specific to one implement or the other, the same module can be reconfigured to monitor or control whatever you need.

EDIT: Field-IQ can now be installed as an ISOBUS conversion! Update your sprayer, slurry rig, strip tiller or spreader so that any brand of Task Controller-enabled ISOBUS display can be used to operate your implement.

Functions Served:

PlantingSpraying & Application