CleanSweep Precision Planting

Precision Planting Clean Sweep

Manage your trash cleaners without having to leave the luxury of the cab. Precision Planting CleanSweep is a pneumatic system that allows on-the-go aggressiveness of the trash cleaners, maximizing your time and planting quality. CleanSweep uses a dual air cylinder to lift or lower the cleaners, and the control box is mounted in the cab. Adjust the amount of pressure from your cab to sweep the trash, not the soil.

This system lifts and lowers ALL cleaners at once, so there is no means of individual row control. Most growers certainly appreciate how all the cleaners can be lifted out of the way of a sudden muddy patch.

What others are saying about this product.

Population counts with CleanSweep were 34-35,00 and without CleanSweep were 30-33,000.
– Brian McEwen, Illinois

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