AgGPS 542 RTK Base Station Trimble

AG 542 Base Station

The Trimble AgGPS 542 base station is designed for reliable and simple operation for your RTK needs. GPS and GLONASS availability comes standard with this receiver. This unit can also serve as a rover station for your vehicle or implement. The “fixed base” kit is designed for installing on a permanent structure, while the “mobile base” kit is designed for temporary field operations, like drain-tile installation, in which accuracy is utmost.

AgGPS 542 Features:

  • Autobase technology for startup using a single button, or manually enter your coordinates
  • RTK solution offers +/- 1 inch accuracy and┬árepeatability, whatever the time of day
  • Easy-to-use display for status and configuration
  • Up to 10 hours operation on internal battery; 12V DC and 120V AC power cables available
  • 450- or 900-MHz frequencies available through internal radio
  • Can be configured for cellular RTK operation

Functions Served:

Water Management