AG-372 GNSS Receiver Trimble

AG 372 GNSS Receiver

The Trimble AG-372 GNSS receiver is a high-performance upgrade from the popular AgGPS 252 and 262. This receiver can track up to 44 satellites simultaneously while using up to 220 total channels from multiple GNSS constellations. If you are upgrading from one of the earlier models, then you can use the same cabling and mounting bracket, since the AG-372 has the same outer design. Along with Trimble compatibility, this unit can be configured to output NMEA messages and/or simulated radar speed for third-party applications.

On a side note: For you folks that use RTK corrections, there is a new rover radio designed for the AG-372, called the AG-715. The AG-715 is a module that inserts into a cavity on the underside of the AG-372, keeping it protected from the weather. This installation leaves port B available for other tasks, such as interface with a modem. But, if you have the old-style “Joey” radio that plugs in to port B, that unit is compatible with the AG-372.

RTK users will also have the advantage of the xFill service—no extra unlocks are needed! If your base-station connection drops temporarily (like driving into a valley), then the xFill service allows you to continue operating for up to 20 minutes on RTK-like accuracy. You’ll wonder how you worked without it!

AG-372 Applications:
– Automated Guidance
– Precision application of seed and fertilizer
– Planter row and sprayer section shut-off
– Yield monitoring
– Mapping

Supports the following Services:
– Trimble CenterPoint RTK, VRS, and RTX services
– OmniStar HP, XP and G2
– Trimble RangePoint RTX